Pet Supply Store owner from Amritsar watches 123movies with his Granddad for at least 7 hours a week

Sattinder Majithia owns one of the very few pet supplies store in Amritsar, Punjab, who firmly believes that a pet’s shampoo must always cost more than that of his owner. He claims on his blog that his personal shampoo has always cost lesser than that of any of his dogs. Nobody is willing to believe it, including his friends and relatives, perhaps because the dogs are generally not treated as good in India as they are in other parts of the world.

Sattinder used to have a  very large pet clothing section in his store earlier, which always cost him losses. He doesn’t carry clothes for pets anymore, due to that very reason.

Sattinder claims that he has always loved his grandfather more than any other family member. He still spends at least 7-8 hours with him in a week, when both the grandfather and the grandson watch their favorite 123movies on the internet together. The old man used to be a wrestler and a horse-breeder in his younger days.

Sattinder recently made a post on his blog that he and his wife together are about to inaugurate a resort and spa for the dogs, he adds that he used to believe that the pets hated such spas, but his wife’s opinions have really made him change his mind regarding the same.

Sattinder’s wife is a Podiatrist, who practiced in Dallas, Texas, USA, for 4 years. She claims that the sort of feet problems an average American scientist has are unbelievable. She claims that she would love to go back to the USA and do something about it. She adds that she has been waiting for the right time to do it.

Toy store owner from Valencia is giving the competitors nightmares with excellent SEO and SMM

Ricardo Fenero owns a toy store in the popular and beautiful coastal city of Spain – Valencia. Ricardo’s toy store is infamous for selling prams for kids.

Ricardo is notorious for making loud statements and controversial posts on his blog that has become extremely popular due to the excellent SEO and SMM that he got done for it. Ricardo claims on his blog that many nearby toy stores have attempted till date to copy the style of his store but they all failed.

Ricardo’s wife is a ballet dancer and Ricardo is extremely proud of it. He regularly posts the picture of his wife performing ballet dance on his blog.

Ricardo recently posted a video on his blog where his store’s main competitors are discussing in a park about how Ricardo’s store is able to sell better quality toys at a cheaper price than theirs.

The best thing that myself and other adults love about Ricardo’s toy store is that they regularly keep adding rare and vintage toys to their catalog.

Ricardo claims on his blog that his store never sold a damaged product.

Ricardo has a special section for the children of farmers, which the children of farmers rarely buy but the children of non-farmers love. Perhaps, adult farmers buy those toys more than their children themselves, which Ricardo believes is a pity. Ricardo mentioned on his blog that looking at this pattern, he has started to believe that farming is one of the most boring profession to the children.

Ricardo brags time and again about how smoking is not even allowed at the gate of his toy store.

Ricardo also likes to brag about how all the salesmen and saleswomen at his store speak fluent English and Spanish.

This Frankfurt’s baby clothes store is very popular on the Instagram and you don’t know the secret yet

Kasimir Ludwig owns a baby and kids clothing store in a popular neighborhood of the Frankfurt city. Kasimir writes on his blog that kids love clothes that make them look taller and that’s the reason why their main focus while selling clothes to the kids is that they must look taller in it, which might sound ridiculous to some.

Kasimir says that it is not a coincidence that most clothing stores for babies are started by the women after they become mothers for the first time. Kasimir writes from his own wife’s experience that something incredible happens to the women then.

Kasimir has a huge list of NGOs, to which he keeps donating regularly.

Kasimir writes on his blog that it is funny how so many times the tiny stores are your better bet for your baby’s clothing compared to a large store, Kasimir writes that he is happy that his store is not large or tiny, but rather a medium-sized one.

Kasimir has a special section for the chubby babies that are lesser than 2 years old. Kasimir writes that 95% of the times, the clothes fit on them.

Kasimir also has a great range of very affordable sample clothes for the babies, the photographs of which he keeps sharing on the Instagram. Kasimir has a huge following on the Instagram and I highly doubt that he buys Instagram likes (Instagram Likes Kaufen) regularly for the purpose.

Kasimir writes on his blog that for the past 1 year or so, a niece of his, who has been studying fashion designing has been selecting each and every piece of cloth that they sell at their store. Kasimir writes that since she has been helping them, the business has definitely risen. I personally feel that those bought Instagram likes are mainly responsible for the growing business of Kasimir.

As cool as a Fujifilm Instax Mini

You all own a camera or a couple of them. No? The camera in your phone is enough for you? Maybe, but you wouldn’t have answered that if you had seen the Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Camera before.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Camera is nothing less than a miracle in the gadget world and the product is doing very well in the market already. Along with being a utility product, it is very fun as well. More fun than being a utility product, let’s say. The camera is available in super-funky beautiful colors and really looks stunning from every angle.

Doesn’t matter which model you buy, the basic or the premium one, the camera looks great in every variant. It is so simple to use that even 4 year old kids can utilize it with ease.

The Fujifilm company understood it very well that selfies shouldn’t be limited to the screens only. Now you can always have a pocket full of selfies.

If you want more features, more shooting and you are a teenager and want to show off your friends, then you must go for the most expensive variant. It is really a value for money. The top variant is also very good for the night photography.

Fujifilm Instax Mini is in my all-time cool devices list. Taking pictures has never been more fun. Finally, a cool gadget that even kids can enjoy.

I am personally addicted to this stuff, it is innovative, colorful, gorgeous and what not. A perfect companion for all the selfie addicts, no matter how many pictures you have taken, you always want to take some more. If you are a picaholic and thinking of buying a Fujifilm Instax Mini, you are about to make one of the best decisions in your life.

Made with very high quality, durable and soft plastic, this camera will not even break when you through it from the Burj Khalifa. It is tough enough to handle even the worst conditions physically.

Easy to use and easy to get addicted to, you can take pictures of everything and anything with this cute little beautiful camera. It comes with a warranty and has earned lots of loyal customers already.

Whatever color you pick, it looks amazing. It is not a serious camera though; it is a fun-fun camera.

One of the variants Fujifilm Instax 9 Mini Camera answered in the FAQ of Amazon that one cartage can be used to take 10 shots at max.

Who could say about a decade ago that the world of camera will see such an improvement?

Along with the funky colors, colors like White and Black are also looking gorgeous on it, but if I have to buy one, I will personally choose the color pink. Pink is my personal favorite color and I love it on everything, no matter whether you talk about a shirt, trouser, shorts, skirt, t-shirt, camera, car, I just can’t get enough of pink color.

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