GP from Surakarta would rather spend her Spare Time looking for Online Business Opportunities than Socializing

Dr Alya Shara is a General Practitioner from Surakarta, Indonesia, who repeatedly claims on her blog that the humankind has caught several diseases in almost all of 1980s and early 1990s, which nobody including the doctors are familiar with yet but soon they all will be revealed. Dr Alya added that she herself is not aware of what those diseases are, but some voice, most likely that of an angel whispered this in her ear while she was in the position of sleep paralysis.

Dr Alya claims on her blog that living around unhygienic people is as dangerous as indulging in bad habits, if not more. That’s the reason why Dr Alya added that instead of socializing, she spends her spare time looking for business opportunities (Peluang Usaha) online.

Dr Alya’s husband is a Chropractor who claims that car mechanics are the most prone to getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

Dr Alya is a pantheist who believes that sexual pollution is as dangerous as the air pollution. She has been actively campaigning against the increasing vulgarity that has been going-on in the nation of Indonesia, lately.

Dr Alya Shara has been spending a lot of time in finding the benefits and side-effects of regular ginseng consumption. She claims that it seems to have more benefits than she used to believe before she started her research and also lesser side-effects as well.

Dr Alya Shara writes on her blog that a good doctor is the one who pays his/her complete attention to the patient regardless of how minor the disease is, no matter how experienced they are in the field.

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