Addison Hayley from Bristol, England, is a LinkedIn Marketer and Political Blogger, who believes theist philosophers are much smarter and wiser than their atheist counterparts.

People don’t believe in God or religion because they can or even try to justify it rationally Any philosopher(s) who look at religion from a lens of rationality or logical justification are totally missing the point. No religious person decides to believe because of reasoned philosophical argument.

Addison Hayley

Addison believes both Masons and High Ranking Christians (Jesuits) worship Moloch. He claims to have seen a picture of a pope contemplating on Tarot once. He is not willing to believe Moloch/Satan is the top Qliphothic Society God. And hence, the top guys worship some other evil god.

Addison writes he only worships the Biblical God – Yahweh and he celebrates no other religious festival than the Christmas. He claims no internet marketer in entire Bristol makes better Christmas Origami than himself.

Addison doesn’t like the tantric and karmic sect of Hinduism. He believes it is not possible to always do the good deeds as per suggested by the karmic system in the dharmic religions, especially Buddhism and Hinduism.

Addison writes unlike Twitter/Facebook, where the effectiveness of free marketing only goes down with time, the case is right the opposite with LinkedIn.

To the newbie LinkedIn marketers, Addison suggests adding 100 people a day from their ideal market. He claims about 20 to 25 out of them accept on an average if you are targeting at the right place, which of course needs a shrewd mind. Then sending follow up messages to those who accepted your request. He claims there is niche in LinkedIn premium where prospecting is too saturated. He writes anyone who claims that is the case in their niche is making an excuse and are clearly not too interested in it.

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