The premise that the rising from the dead was a historical event is just silly.

Landon Churchill

Landon Churchill from Bath, England, is a Political Blogger, who believes there is no consensus among legit historians that the resurrection is anything but myth, as all supernatural events are, and in all likely hood, Jesus was buried in a mass grave as most crucifixion victims were. He writes the bible is a book of myths and stories, not history, but his disbelief in bible and every organized religion doesn’t hold him back from Christmas Origami.

If Lee Patrick Strobel is a non-biased scholarly historian, then Colonel Sanders is a vegan.

Landon Churchill

Landon Churchill writes that he turned into an atheist after being convinced of supernatural truth is universal across hundreds if not thousands of religions. And since they differ, often vastly – that sensation of being correct cannot come from anything reliable.

I have watched Lee Patrick Strobel’s work, he is a shitty investigative journalist and his premise for the investigation doesn’t apply to how historians and anthropologists do their work. Fact is that we have data several decades after the fact, written by bias sources in a non-native tongue, whose only motive for credibility is their willingness to suffer – in an era filled with forgeries.

Landon Churchill

Landon writes resurrection is a mythological narrative. And he like most others, trusts the Romans for this part. He writes it is like thinking Cyclops, Amazons and Sirens are true in the homer tale just because the battle of tray and the city are real, because some guy was willing to die on the hill that Amazonians are real and screwed him, and he escaped their island.

Eye witness who affirms another person’s conviction are useless, and in while valid in court are less than useless in historical investigations.

Landon Churchill

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