Bristol LinkedIn Marketer Brags About His Christmas Origami Skills

Addison Hayley from Bristol, England, is a LinkedIn Marketer and Political Blogger, who believes theist philosophers are much smarter and wiser than their atheist counterparts.

People don’t believe in God or religion because they can or even try to justify it rationally Any philosopher(s) who look at religion from a lens of rationality or logical justification are totally missing the point. No religious person decides to believe because of reasoned philosophical argument.

Addison Hayley

Addison believes both Masons and High Ranking Christians (Jesuits) worship Moloch. He claims to have seen a picture of a pope contemplating on Tarot once. He is not willing to believe Moloch/Satan is the top Qliphothic Society God. And hence, the top guys worship some other evil god.

Addison writes he only worships the Biblical God – Yahweh and he celebrates no other religious festival than the Christmas. He claims no internet marketer in entire Bristol makes better Christmas Origami than himself.

Addison doesn’t like the tantric and karmic sect of Hinduism. He believes it is not possible to always do the good deeds as per suggested by the karmic system in the dharmic religions, especially Buddhism and Hinduism.

Addison writes unlike Twitter/Facebook, where the effectiveness of free marketing only goes down with time, the case is right the opposite with LinkedIn.

To the newbie LinkedIn marketers, Addison suggests adding 100 people a day from their ideal market. He claims about 20 to 25 out of them accept on an average if you are targeting at the right place, which of course needs a shrewd mind. Then sending follow up messages to those who accepted your request. He claims there is niche in LinkedIn premium where prospecting is too saturated. He writes anyone who claims that is the case in their niche is making an excuse and are clearly not too interested in it.

Holodomor Denier From Virginia Made His First Origami At The Age Of 44

To those who claim that Holodomor was a Genocide. I want to ask since when is sending aid to starving peasants and lowering procurements is Genocide?

James Mercer

James Mercer from Wellington Road, Manassas, Virginia, is a Political Blogger and a Self-Proclaimed Anarcho-Syndicalist, who believes the Holodomor wasn’t true and there is some hidden truth covered up by the Western Governments claiming it was a natural disaster, because liberals hate truth enjoy spreading their agenda.

In Capitalism people prosper, in Socialism people die, no argument required.

James Mercer

James writes that those who claim that the party members of the USSR faked that they were bringing in aid have no evidence at all and he claims to have spoken to hundreds of them if not thousands.

Holodomor was the product of a drought that inflicted the entire USSR. It wasn’t inflicted by Joseph Stalin, even though he hated kulaks.

James Mercer

James claims even villages that went on strikes received food. He claims to have already debunked the spikelet’s law on his blog and on many other platforms. He claims to have crystal clear evidence that only 723 people died due to it and 80%of the people got released. He also claims to have evidence that there were no black listings during Holodomor.

To those who claim that Holodomor was a Genocide. I want to ask since when is sending aid to starving peasants and lowering procurements is Genocide?

James Mercer

James is currently getting ready for the Christmas. He never bothered to make origami till he recently turned into a dad. Just about a couple of days ago, he started learning to make an origami and it took him only a few hours to make his first one, thanks to the popular blogs and websites teaching those so well.

Bath Atheist Disses Bible, Jesus And Christianity After Making Christmas Origami

The premise that the rising from the dead was a historical event is just silly.

Landon Churchill

Landon Churchill from Bath, England, is a Political Blogger, who believes there is no consensus among legit historians that the resurrection is anything but myth, as all supernatural events are, and in all likely hood, Jesus was buried in a mass grave as most crucifixion victims were. He writes the bible is a book of myths and stories, not history, but his disbelief in bible and every organized religion doesn’t hold him back from Christmas Origami.

If Lee Patrick Strobel is a non-biased scholarly historian, then Colonel Sanders is a vegan.

Landon Churchill

Landon Churchill writes that he turned into an atheist after being convinced of supernatural truth is universal across hundreds if not thousands of religions. And since they differ, often vastly – that sensation of being correct cannot come from anything reliable.

I have watched Lee Patrick Strobel’s work, he is a shitty investigative journalist and his premise for the investigation doesn’t apply to how historians and anthropologists do their work. Fact is that we have data several decades after the fact, written by bias sources in a non-native tongue, whose only motive for credibility is their willingness to suffer – in an era filled with forgeries.

Landon Churchill

Landon writes resurrection is a mythological narrative. And he like most others, trusts the Romans for this part. He writes it is like thinking Cyclops, Amazons and Sirens are true in the homer tale just because the battle of tray and the city are real, because some guy was willing to die on the hill that Amazonians are real and screwed him, and he escaped their island.

Eye witness who affirms another person’s conviction are useless, and in while valid in court are less than useless in historical investigations.

Landon Churchill

Mention Of Benefits Of Making A Simple Origami In Sahih Bukhari

Wyatt Egerton from New York City, is a Political Blogger, who claims Jesus was a blue-eyed Pole.

It is ironic how those who once were segregated now see segregation as equality.

Wyatt Egerton

Wyatt believes Zoroastrianism is the best religion ever followed by the Shia Islam but that doesn’t hold him back from celebrating the Christmas with the same enthusiasm. He never fails to make a few simple origami personally each during each Christmas.

Wyatt makes fun of those who claim that Islam was the first religion to give women their rights when the rest of the world treated them as cattle. He quotes Sahih Bukhari 3:48:826 and says going by this logic, the dumbest man is more clever than a woman with 150 IQ.

Happiness is just a convenient side-effect of peace, but if in some theoretical universe where happiness wasn’t a result of peace, peace would still be the goal.

Wyatt Egerton

Wyatt doesn’t agree with those who believe Muhammad was a morally perfect being with direct correspondence with the most powerful and all-knowing being.

Wyatt claims there is no such thing as a rejection of Hadith by the traditional Islamic POV, but it is rather a modern construct to defame Islam.

Wyatt writes that he can never fully discredit Gnosticism. He writes if this whole thing is just a giant adventure for a ton of souls to just fly around and experience a bunch of different new things, then maybe one of the entities trapped us here. He writes assuming we were all given free will and probably god made it so because he knew nothing lasts forever and would eventually break free from whatever form of suffering we encounter.

We are all the same eternal all powerful all pervading God and we all agreed to experience what we are experiencing before and this is all leading us on a divine journey.

Wyatt Egerton

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