George Caraballo is an Academician from Twinsburg, Ohio, who says that The New Deal: A Global History by Kiran Klaus Patel makes some interesting points and acts as a great primer for The Great Depression in a global context. One of the most expansive biographies that he has ever seen. 70 pages of just listing sources; says it is almost worth buying just for that.

George has been able to pursue his hobby of reading history all the time since he came across the method called Posts Ads While You Sleep and he is extremely grateful to the same.

George also writes on his blog that Coming to America by Roger Daniels is an excellent primer on US immigration and the experiences of so many different groups of people.

George writes At America’s Gates by Erika Lee deals with the specific experience of Chinese migrants upon arriving in the US and gives interests insights into the legal restrictions, the conditions faced at ports of entry, the methods of illegal entry, and commentary on the formation of American conceptions of race as a result of the developing immigration system. He says if you are interested in Chinese migrants, Lee’s book pairs well with the late, great Adam McKeown’s Chinese Migrant Networks and Cultural change which examines the history of transnational migratory economic networks developed by Guangdong Chinese, who compromised the majority of Chinese migrants, in a variety of countries with an exploration of how their presence impacted each region.

George is in the process of reading the massive India After Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha. He says it has been a good read so far, took him a long while to find an Indian History book like that.

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