Dr Sharla D’Souza is a Podiatrist from Denpasar, Indonesia, who writes on her blog that the tribes having paganic ancestry are least prone to having foot disorders. She writes that she is glad that the entire Southeast Asia was almost paganic until about a few centuries ago and that’s what makes the foot disorders less prevalent there compared to nations like Israel, Saudi Arab and many others.

Dr Sharla D’Souza writes on her blog that it makes her cry each time she sees a little innocent one with a foot disorder. To take her mind-off such sights, she watches Japanese dramas (nonton dorama jepang) each night before sleeping.

Dr Sharla D’Souza wanted to go to Europe to study after completing the senior high school. But her grandfather, who studied in West Germany, was very critical of the European education, the students there and the European culture, and hence, she was indirectly forced to study in Indonesia itself.

Dr Sharla D’Souza claims that promiscuous and highly sexually active men and women are more prone to chronic and serious foot disorders. She writes that she knows that she sounds prudish and unconventional claiming such stuff and she also doesn’t have anything scientific to back it up, but this is something that she observed as a busy practicing Podiatrist.

Dr Sharla D’Souza gives free advice on a Discord server dedicated to Podiatry that she created herself back in the July of 2018.

Dr Sharla D’Souza writes that it is an irony that the kids who play a lot of video games have more foot problems than the ones who partake in tons of outdoor sports. Hence, she feels that calling ‘sports medicine’ as such is an insult. She feels that they should create a new medical branch ‘video game medicine’.

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