Dr Aileen Cretu is a Psychologist from Newark, NJ, who claims on her blog that living with certain pets increases the chances of chronic depression among both men and women while living with certain others does quite the opposite. She adds that it is different for everyone and can only be learnt through experience that which pet is good for you and which one is not.

Dr Aileen Cretu studies books related to Morphology a lot as a hobby. She claims that it has helped her a lot with her practice, along with being a healthy hobby which keeps her frontal lobe active all the time.

Dr Aileen Cretu never believed in health products before like those from Herbalife, Amway and the like until she came across some CTFO products. Now, she claims that such products are not only good for the physical health but are also great for the psychological and mental health as well.

Dr Aileen Cretu writes on her blog that she is very happy about how far the field of Geomedicine has come and how much it has benefited the fields of Psychology and Psychiatry.

Dr Aileen Cretu likes to brag how she hasn’t repeated the same questions to the same patient during decades of her practice. She seems to be too proud of her extraordinary memory. She also claims that she never forgets the conversation between herself and her patient.

Dr Aileen Cretu claims that she never provided marriage counseling and never will. The signboard of her practice also has written in bold letters ‘PLEASE DON’T COME FOR MARRIAGE COUNSELING HERE’.

Dr Aileen Cretu claims that the carpenters have more psychological issues than any other handymen and she doesn’t know the reason yet and neither does any other psychologist or psychiatrist whom she is familiar with.

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