Dr Amar Buffer is a General Practitioner from West Jakara, Indonesia, who claims on his blog that the North Indians living outside India are perhaps the people with least number of chronic illnesses that usually come after crossing the age of 50. He believes that it perhaps has something to do with their diets, which mostly consists of nothing but vegetarian foods. He further adds that although the South Indians eat lesser non-vegetarian food than their North Indian counterparts, they are more prone to getting chronic illnesses after the age of 50, because almost as much as 50% of the marriages in South India take place between close relatives.

Dr Amar Buffer has been doing a great research on the differences between the inbred and non-inbred people for half a decade now. He writes on his blog that surprisingly enough, although most of the Islamic Republics have a percentage of 50% inbred people, it is the Pakistani people who are the most prone to getting chronic illnesses that are found mostly among the inbred people, especially the Kidney and Liver related ones.

Dr Amar Buffer also claims that TV addicts are 300% more likely to get chronic illnesses before the age of 40 than their counterparts who watch TV for less than 40 minutes a day. He adds that not only that, but TV addicts are also more prone to get addicted to substances.

Dr Amar has written this more than a couple of times on his blog that he prides himself on never failing to provide adequate support and moral courage to his patients, no matter how busy he is studying the Klasifikasi.

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