Ricardo Fenero owns a toy store in the popular and beautiful coastal city of Spain – Valencia. Ricardo’s toy store is infamous for selling prams for kids.

Ricardo is notorious for making loud statements and controversial posts on his blog that has become extremely popular due to the excellent SEO and SMM that he got done for it. Ricardo claims on his blog that many nearby toy stores have attempted till date to copy the style of his store but they all failed.

Ricardo’s wife is a ballet dancer and Ricardo is extremely proud of it. He regularly posts the picture of his wife performing ballet dance on his blog.

Ricardo recently posted a video on his blog where his store’s main competitors are discussing in a park about how Ricardo’s store is able to sell better quality toys at a cheaper price than theirs.

The best thing that myself and other adults love about Ricardo’s toy store is that they regularly keep adding rare and vintage toys to their catalog.

Ricardo claims on his blog that his store never sold a damaged product.

Ricardo has a special section for the children of farmers, which the children of farmers rarely buy but the children of non-farmers love. Perhaps, adult farmers buy those toys more than their children themselves, which Ricardo believes is a pity. Ricardo mentioned on his blog that looking at this pattern, he has started to believe that farming is one of the most boring profession to the children.

Ricardo brags time and again about how smoking is not even allowed at the gate of his toy store.

Ricardo also likes to brag about how all the salesmen and saleswomen at his store speak fluent English and Spanish.

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