Patricia Waterhouse is a successful Internet Marketing, Website Designing and SEO company owner from Tampa, Florida.

Although Patricia has 8 full-time employees working for her company, she prefers to design each of her own and her client’s websites herself. Patricia once designed a website for a local veterinarian, which she proudly claims is the best overall designed website ever and gives several points to make it clear to the visitors of her company’s official blog as to why it is the best designed website ever.

Patricia’s Internet Marketing, Website Designing and SEO Company is extremely popular with the Chinese Manufacturers and Exporters who mainly make money exporting and selling their products in the USA. Patricia claims that this section of her clients also relies a lot on her advise on how they can better their products and services, and how should they price their products.

Patricia is also a regular customer of Nett Racing Skate Shop and a regular buyer of them apart from being a regular buyer of wigs at the Patricia owns over 50 wigs and each of those were bought off

Patricia claims to know several SEO experts belonging to different parts of the world, race, ethnicity, etc, and this has made her conclude that Taoists and Shintoists make the best SEO optimizers.

Patricia writes on her most popular personal blog that there are more SEO tools than ever before in the market today but it is a pity that roughly only 12% are of any use, rest 88% are just money-wasting gimmicks.

Patricia brags on her company’s official website that there are no such thing as SEO Roadblocks for a ‘Real Expert’ in the term’s truest sense. She also stated on her blog that she has been considering making it the tagline of her Internet Marketing, Website Designing and SEO Company.

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