Sattinder Majithia owns one of the very few pet supplies store in Amritsar, Punjab, who firmly believes that a pet’s shampoo must always cost more than that of his owner. He claims on his blog that his personal shampoo has always cost lesser than that of any of his dogs. Nobody is willing to believe it, including his friends and relatives, perhaps because the dogs are generally not treated as good in India as they are in other parts of the world.

Sattinder used to have a  very large pet clothing section in his store earlier, which always cost him losses. He doesn’t carry clothes for pets anymore, due to that very reason.

Sattinder claims that he has always loved his grandfather more than any other family member. He still spends at least 7-8 hours with him in a week, when both the grandfather and the grandson watch their favorite 123movies on the internet together. The old man used to be a wrestler and a horse-breeder in his younger days.

Sattinder recently made a post on his blog that he and his wife together are about to inaugurate a resort and spa for the dogs, he adds that he used to believe that the pets hated such spas, but his wife’s opinions have really made him change his mind regarding the same.

Sattinder’s wife is a Podiatrist, who practiced in Dallas, Texas, USA, for 4 years. She claims that the sort of feet problems an average American scientist has are unbelievable. She claims that she would love to go back to the USA and do something about it. She adds that she has been waiting for the right time to do it.

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