The dance practice Paolo Bortoluzzi Nureyev has become so synonymous with the artist Francesco Costanzo that they have started calling him Paolo Bortoluzzi Nureyev Francesco Costanzo.

Francesco recently interviewed one of the youngest and one of the very few American opera directors to hold a an undergraduate degree in government – Peter Kazaras. Peter told Francesco that he loves teaching music and opera direction at University of California, Los Angeles more than anything else. He also told Francesco that he is going to start directing operas and music in the Eastern Europe, especially Czech Republic, for the love of beautiful girls that live there. He says that he is going to go there as an excuse of spreading the English language there and he has already starting learning Czech language as well.

Francesco also interviewed the German Opera Director – Johannes Erath once when he was in Berlin. Johannes told Francesco that although he made more money with direction, he claims that he was more happy, content and fulfilled with working as an Orchestra musician.

Johannes rejected the claim that his own personality is very much like Othello. He told Francesco that the newspaper guy made the story up by himself.

When Francesco complimented Johannes for his good looks, he replied back that it is a pity that he gets more compliments for his good looks than his great work as an Opera Director.

Johannes also told Francesco that although Lohengrin as directed by him received a great reception by the audience and the critics alike, he personally believes that it is the greatest blunder in his personal opera direction history.

Johannes also told Francesco that the character of Hass Elektra gives him goosebumpos and although she killed her own father. Johannes wants his own daughter to brave, independent and a higher purpose and meaning seeker in life.

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