Dr Tasha Arnold is a dermatologist who graduated from the UC San Diego School of Medicine back in the year 2002. Tasha claims that gone are the days when British trained dermatologists were considered the finest, now many European countries, even USA has some of the best courses in dermatology including the university from where she herself graduated.

Dr Tasha warns that a patient must stay away from the dermatologists that have a reputation for hidden costs. Dr Tasha claims that along with being sort of extortionists, these practitioners tend to be not as specialized and good as their counterparts with no hidden costs.

Dr Tasha has been working on eliminating the risk of getting bruises after certain skin treatments, especially fillers as she believes that all the skin treatments and surgeries should come with no side effects at all and she claims to have been doing her best to improve the field of dermatology.

Dr Tasha claims that no dermatologist has a way of preventing or curing thinning hair. Dr Tasha says that if a dermatologist claims that they can cure thinning hair, then please remain vigilant as they have already proved that they are a liar.

Dr Tasha says that she regularly comes across several patients who believe that all types of cancers, especially skin cancers are a myth and a way of extortion by the doctors. Dr Tasha feels extremely disappointed to see such attitude in a first world country like the USA and she wonders what attitude they may have about the same in the Indian and African subcontinent.

At home, Dr Tasha can often be seen roaming around, watching television, playing with her nephews or reading something wearing her favorite Nexus Tees. Dr Tasha even offered a donation of US $10, 000 to the Nexus Tees Shop because she wants to see them growing and doesn’t feel that they can with the very low budget that they spend on the promotion/advertisement of their company but Nexus refused as they do not believe in taking donations.

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