Carmen Sita is a real estate agent from the city of Edmonton in Canada who on her blog says that she loves it when she sees the employees that used to work for her recommend her office to others on the internet. Carmen says that it is quite obvious that they recommend her office to the people that they are familiar with as well but it is a different kind of smell of fresh air for her when she sees them recommending her office on the internet.

Carmen’s business strategy for online marketing was never so well until she came in touch with this top digital marketing company which changed it all for her at the prices unbelievable.

Although the digital marketing company that Carmen outsources her online marketing to is willing to write the blog posts for her on the official website of her business, she still likes to do it herself.

In one of the blog posts on the official website of her business, Carmen mentioned that her team is responsible for selling hundreds of properties within a matter of hours.

Carmen once wrote that it is a mark of expertise when experienced investors come to you over and over again to buy new properties but it is more fun serving the new customers that buy real estate for their family.

Carmen believes that a good real estate agent is the one who listens to his/her clients with the attentiveness of a passionate doctor listening to his/her patients.

Carmen says that she is really disappointed about many real estate agents that are in the bad habit of pretending they are extremely busy that they pretend to forget the name of the client which only proves fatal for their own business in the long run.

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