Francesco Costanzo floor barre kniaseff champion, recently wrote a fantastic article about the popular British Opera duo – Deborah Warner and Fiona Shaw. In his article, Francesco writes that if it weren’t for Deborah’s plays, the name Henrik Ibsen would have remained relatively unknown in the England as it is mostly the Norwegians that know about him and are influenced by.

Francesco writes that antiquarians usually make meager money and they generally refrain their kids from learning history, but Deborah’s parents were although low-income, they were so open-minded that they encouraged her interest in learning the history, poetry and philosophy without caring much about her future financial condition, which probably to their surprise, is higher than the most English people.

Francesco writes that the Late Conspiracy Theorist – Eustace Mullins personally called Deborah to congratulate her after she directed the performance of poetry – The Waste Land by TS Elliott.

Francesco claims that the Roman Catholic Church is angry with Fiona Shaw due to her sexual orientation but Fiona couldn’t care less. She says that nobody can break her relationship with Jesus and only he has the right to judge whether she is right or wrong.

Francesco writes that although Deborah comes from a low income family and Fiona from an upper income family, it never worked as a barrier between their extraordinary friendship.

Francesco writes that many people used to wrongly believe that Fiona and Deborah are a married couple due to the extraordinary number of theaters and plays they worked in collaboration with each other and some of those he personally knows.

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