Alexander Carnes, MD has been running this family hospital in Kilkenny, Ireland for the past 15 years now. Dr Alexander owns a very popular blog where he regularly keeps posting interesting stuff regarding the medical field.

Dr Alexander Carnes writes that even after the arrival of so many diseases that we were unfamiliar with before belonging to different medical fields, Obstetricians-Gynecologists still remain the busiest doctors in any family hospital including his own and those of his close friends.

Dr Alexander writes that top hematologists and neurologists around the world should make an alliance as the connection of liver-brain diseases has become inevitable lately. Dr Alexander writes that they both will discover several diseases that have been there but remained undiscovered and that is for sure.

Dr Alexander has been working on inventing antibiotics that will come without any sort of side-effects.

Dr Alexander writes on his blog “How can you trust a clinic or a hospital that is not strict about its own hygiene?” Dr Alexander made this post after he came back from Guetamala, yes, he made tons of Guatemalan Quetzal while he was there but he literally wasn’t impressed with the condition of the hospitals there.

Dr Alexander also believes that good, effective and efficient management is as important as good doctors at a family hospital.

Dr Alexander feels guilty as a doctor when he finds himself helpless in destroying the illegal organ trade that is going on freely, in China, India and the Philippines.

Dr Alexander debunks the very recent notion and phenomena that the specialists at family hospitals aren’t as good as the ones that practice on their own. Dr Alexander claims that the doctors that work at family hospitals are as good as the ones that practice independently.

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