Ted HaHiver (name changed) always writes down his major goals in a pocket memo diary and keeps them in his pocket. Ted HaHiver has a very clear vision for his family. He works fanatically and for longer hours than 98% of the working Americans.

Ted’s wife finds his working habit nuisance and always wants to go on a long vacation with him and the kids. This November, the family is going on a trip to Jogja. They have already made all the necessary arrangements including Rental Mobil Jogja.

One of Ted’s sons recently came back from rehab. His condition was so severe that once he threatened to kill his own mother when intoxicated with drugs.

Ted’s mother used to be a nurse in a hospital. Many times she used to get confused among the babies because she found they all look alike. She was too scared when Ted was born that they don’t mix him up with someone else. She requested the hospital to put a symbol on him so that he doesn’t get exchanged and they did put a symbol on him.

Ted loves the build quality of American and Swedish cars and all his cars are Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Volvo or Dodge.

Ted claims that he successfully transformed his sexual energy into spiritual when he wasn’t yet married and he was a chaste man till then. He claims that he never performed any fornication with any other woman except his wife.

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