Jamari was raised by a theologian father and mother. Jamari’s parents wanted him to become a priest but the thought of becoming a priest would horrify Jamari. Jamari suffered from chronic migraine when he was in school. Jamari was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia and had an ISKCON Temple very close to his school and home. Many of the parents of Jamari’s classmates were big devotees of the Hindu god Krishna but Jamari’s parents never fell for anything other than Catholicism.

Jamari started rapping against going his parents’ will. Today, Jamari makes full-time living with rapping full time. He has his own rap studios and he makes a full-time living doing rap. He makes money with Youtube, he ghostwrites, he creates and sells music.

Jamari suffered from social anxiety and he was getting obese day-by-day. So, Jamari decided to lose weight and gain some muscle with online personal training. The results turned out to be great and Jamari lost his social anxiety as well. He discovered that the cause of his social anxiety was him being obese.

Jamari has been doing everything humanly possible to become the next big thing in music industry. Jamari has been trying to get publicity by dissing already established popular rappers but none of those rappers ever responded to Jamari.

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