Cristina Klayman (name changed) claims that nation states are doomed to fail as this madness of worshiping the boundaries is not going to last for too long.

Cristina’s now husband used to be her neighbor before becoming her husband. Initially when Cristina met her now husband as a neighbor, she used to believe that he was some Chinese restaurant owner as he looked very oriental and also drove a Toyota Previa like most other Chinese restaurant owners in the town.

Currently, Cristina’s husband is working on building the most durable car body ever. Cristina claims that he will make the Mercedes W class look like chachki in front of his upcoming car.

Cristina is an amateur historian who is particularly obsessed with the biblical mythology and Jewish history. Cristina claims that the lifespans of the Jewish patriarchs are highly exaggerated about. She claims that the ancient Jews believed that one season is equivalent to one year and hence if they say that someone died when he was 920, this in reality means that you need to divide 920 by 4 and that would mean he was 230 when he died.

Cristina has been telling her husband to make sure that the car that he is working on must not have toggle buttons as she feels that they look outdated and leave alone futuristic, they don’t even make you feel modern. Cristina says that any car which doesn’t look futuristic has no future and doesn’t appeal to her at all. Her favorite car design is that of the Mitsubishi Xpander.

Cristina has read and studied a lot about the so-called non-violent freedom struggle of India. Cristina says that there is a misconception among the masses of India that Gandhi used to look down upon the likes of Bhagat Singh as terrorists but in reality he though of those guys as some of the most intelligent people in the country but he feared that the upcoming generation will misunderstand Bhagat Singh and his likes; and without understanding their ideologies and philosophies – they will pick up the arms.

Anyways, Cristina is too much excited about the upcoming Super Bowl 2019 and she has also invited her friends for the event.

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