Aubrey Yabsley (name changed) says that law must regularize the junk food more including cookies and stuff. Aubrey says that junk food is harming the children and young teenagers more than anything else in the modern world. Aubrey knows some people who got addicted to the junk food in the childhood and they haven’t been able to come out of their addiction yet and junk food has made many of them diabetic, fat and given them other chronic diseases.

Aubrey used to believe and practice occult practices for over 2 years and finally she came to the conclusion that occult practices don’t work at all and they only make you ugly. Aubrey claims that she now looks 20 years older than she did before 2 years and all the other occult practitioners that she has ever met look ugly and horrible as well.

Aubrey says that Libertarians have no moral principles and overall they live at least 10 times as miserable life than the ones who are not. Aubrey also claims that the sympathetic people care more about the law and are less likely to take drugs than the ones who are rather apathetic.

Aubrey used to sell gowns house to house before she discovered how she can make money with buying and using a superfast 2 wheeler aka Gogoro S2 as a taxi. Aubrey has been making more money with pursuing her favorite hobby, that is riding a scooter than she ever did selling gowns house to house which she literally hated.

Aubrey’s friend has been seducing Aubrey again to get into magic and occult by telling her that magnetic people are literally able to talk to the spirits and those spirits guide them which way they should go in order to become rich, wealthy and more lucky.

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