Ilma Tipton (name changed) has done a lot of research on the over-sexualization in the Hollywood movies. Ilma says that before the 1960s, the Jews in the Hollywood used to fear the Christian audience so much, especially the Catholic ones so much that they tried their best to enforce the Christian values on the audience but the audience itself was interested in seeing the sexuality, especially the protestants and the Jews.

Ilma says that Isaac and Ishmael, both were notorious for adultery and other evil things but the biblical narrators have chosen to bury those things and only show the righteous part of both these characters.

Ilma is going to enjoy the first week of February this year in Chania and she has already booked car hire Chania airport.

Ilma claims that Martin Luther, the founder of the Protestant Christianity was the agent of the Hindus who wanted to destroy the catholic religion completely after getting tons of gold from the Hindu kings. Ilma says that Martin Luther’s trips to the Indian subcontinent have been removed by the historians. He traveled to India more than 5 times in disguise of learning more about the spirituality.

Ilma recently enjoyed a trip to Miami where she witnessed several Pakistanis selling drugs on the streets. Ilma even saw a Hollywood actor of Pakistani origin selling drugs on the streets of Alameda, Florida.

Ilma claims that the American CIA is plotting to first turn each and every human being into a mere consumer and then ultimately destroy the entire population of the earth if some of the consumers go out of the hand.

Ilma says that the humanity hasn’t witnessed any really beneficial and appropriate political system yet, Ilma calls communism a ‘cancer’ and capitalism ‘AIDS’.

One of Ilma’s brother is a comedian who drives BMW Isetta to look different and for the attention.

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