Jimmi Chapman (name changed) can never get enough of telling everyone familiar to not believe everything that they see on the television. Jimmi’s son is a Youtuber who only cares about hits and clicks and roasts his own father’s theories for attention. In one of his videos, Jimmi’s son even claimed that his father has a neuro-developmental issue due to drug use in teenage years. Jimmi claims that he never touched any recreational drug in his life.

But when the father and the son duo wants to shop, they do it together which is very conflicting and funny. The father and son duo recently bought some stunning designer looking ties from an online tie store. Jimmi’s son even made a review video about the ties he bought and uploaded it on the Youtube.

Jimmi recently joined a health club in a hope for losing some excess weight but barely saw any result. Jimmi already suffers from abnormal blood sugar, blood pressure and blurry vision which are all incurable.

Jimmi likes to read about the eugenics a lot since his teenage years and he married a biracial woman in hope to have healthier babies. The couple gave birth to and raised 3 sons together including that one Youtuber, lol.

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