Anna Rae (name changed) recently booked a Vauxhall (Opel) Insignia Grand Sport with the money that she earned with her online business. Anna Rae always believed that there was no way that some ordinary being could make money online but her belief really changed when she herself started making a bank online. Anyways, we will not make this article boring by talking merely business here, let us talk more about Anna’s personal life.

Anna has been following the ISCKON temple for the past 6 months and she doesn’t sleep until she chants ‘Hare Krishna’ for 5 minutes. Anna following ISCKON may make many wrongly believe that Anna is an admirer of India, Hinduism and other things related to India but no, that’s not the case. Anna hates almost 70% of the things that have anything to do with India or Hinduism.

Anna claims that Indians praise their country falsely a lot. Anna says that Indians lie when they claim that their agricultural lands are fertile enough to farm on them 12 months a year. Anna says that the most fertile lands of India that are there in the Punjab region are good for farming for 8 months (maximum).

Anna claims that some secret source told her that arguably the largest Indian automobile company – Mahindra along with the third largest Korean automobile company – Ssangyong is busy creating the most reliable and advanced Automatic Transmission ever but they are never going to succeed as they haven’t yet even been able to create reliable manual transmissions and even reliable vehicles overall.

Anna claims that yoga and meditation only work on the people of Indian subcontinent and they are useless for the people in rest of the world. Anna says that the physical chemistry of the people of the Indian subcontinent is so that Yoga and Meditation benefits them but she doesn’t know a single person in any western country that was really benefited by it and she knows several of those who tried yoga and meditation everyday for hours only to experience no benefit.

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