Acer Lowthorp started his business career with his own courier company, the money for which he borrowed from his mechanic father. Acer’s dad is one of the greatest fans of the popular Youtube mechanic – Scotty Kilmer and he has started talking like him as well which annoys his family members, friends and sometimes customers alike. Some of his customers leave his shop the moment they see an old, annoying and wannabe Scotty Kilmer.

Anyways, Acer started his courier business with great hopes and he was working very hard for the first few months and it is evident from the fact that he got an eleven month contract from the Amazon UK, but he became alcoholic and arrogant only after a couple of months of getting the contract, which is evident from the fact that Amazon took away their contract after the eleven months were over. Acer got indebted and had to sell away his courier van. His father refused to provide him any sort of help or support any further and it took Acer 3 months to get a 9-5 low-wage paying job.

Acer, the son of a mechanic was now forced to travel through Uber all the time until he discovered how he could earn money online. It has been only 11 months since Acer started working on PTC sites and this once broke and homeless guy now owns a 4-wheel drive and lives in a rented penthouse. He didn’t pay it all off PTC sites but this couldn’t have happened if he didn’t discover PTC sites as that was the beginning of his online business career. Being a son of a mechanic, Acer is an extremely creative guy, which should be evident of him discovering tens of other methods to make money online within a period of less than 11 months.

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