Miss McManaway from Charlotte would rather read a UX Blog than wasting her time checking the activities of her competitors

How many times have you heard that the Germans are great programmers but not great SEO people? Well, this is a misconception. Meet Half- Irish Half-German – Candice McManaway from Charlotte, North Carolina, who recently inaugurated an one-of-a-kind internet forum that has something to do with almost every topic.

Candice McManaway says that she has always believed that those who focus mostly on the competition, are doomed to stay behind it. She says that she has never cared about her own or the competition of her clients and she would rather read the posts on a ux blog within that much time to relieve her stress and gain some knowledge within that much time rather than gaining stress and losing knowledge worrying about the competition.

Candice McManaway claims that if your rich text content is only rich because you want it to be SEO friendly then it is not so rich. She claims to have had a hard-time trying to rank websites and blogs with such content compared to the normal content that is not emphasized on merely ranking.

Candice McManaway claims that there are over 5000 second-generation SEO guys across the globe today and she wants to add to it. She wants both her son and daughter to follow her profession.

Candice McManaway claims that a small group of Sicilian Mafia is involved in full-time hacking for extortion. She says that it is a shame that no authority belonging to any part of the world, be it the one of the USA, where these crooks mostly operate or the Italian one, where they hail from, seems to be much concerned about catching them.

There are NO Roadblocks for the Real Experts and the Wig Users

Patricia Waterhouse is a successful Internet Marketing, Website Designing and SEO company owner from Tampa, Florida.

Although Patricia has 8 full-time employees working for her company, she prefers to design each of her own and her client’s websites herself. Patricia once designed a website for a local veterinarian, which she proudly claims is the best overall designed website ever and gives several points to make it clear to the visitors of her company’s official blog as to why it is the best designed website ever.

Patricia’s Internet Marketing, Website Designing and SEO Company is extremely popular with the Chinese Manufacturers and Exporters who mainly make money exporting and selling their products in the USA. Patricia claims that this section of her clients also relies a lot on her advise on how they can better their products and services, and how should they price their products.

Patricia is also a regular customer of Nett Racing Skate Shop and a regular buyer of them apart from being a regular buyer of wigs at the wigstoreonline.com. Patricia owns over 50 wigs and each of those were bought off wigstoreonline.com.

Patricia claims to know several SEO experts belonging to different parts of the world, race, ethnicity, etc, and this has made her conclude that Taoists and Shintoists make the best SEO optimizers.

Patricia writes on her most popular personal blog that there are more SEO tools than ever before in the market today but it is a pity that roughly only 12% are of any use, rest 88% are just money-wasting gimmicks.

Patricia brags on her company’s official website that there are no such thing as SEO Roadblocks for a ‘Real Expert’ in the term’s truest sense. She also stated on her blog that she has been considering making it the tagline of her Internet Marketing, Website Designing and SEO Company.

West Jakarta Physician loves the Medical Field and the Agrotechnology almost equally

Dr Amar Buffer is a General Practitioner from West Jakara, Indonesia, who claims on his blog that the North Indians living outside India are perhaps the people with least number of chronic illnesses that usually come after crossing the age of 50. He believes that it perhaps has something to do with their diets, which mostly consists of nothing but vegetarian foods. He further adds that although the South Indians eat lesser non-vegetarian food than their North Indian counterparts, they are more prone to getting chronic illnesses after the age of 50, because almost as much as 50% of the marriages in South India take place between close relatives.

Dr Amar Buffer has been doing a great research on the differences between the inbred and non-inbred people for half a decade now. He writes on his blog that surprisingly enough, although most of the Islamic Republics have a percentage of 50% inbred people, it is the Pakistani people who are the most prone to getting chronic illnesses that are found mostly among the inbred people, especially the Kidney and Liver related ones.

Dr Amar Buffer also claims that TV addicts are 300% more likely to get chronic illnesses before the age of 40 than their counterparts who watch TV for less than 40 minutes a day. He adds that not only that, but TV addicts are also more prone to get addicted to substances.

Dr Amar has written this more than a couple of times on his blog that he prides himself on never failing to provide adequate support and moral courage to his patients, no matter how busy he is studying the Klasifikasi.

Pet Supply Store owner from Amritsar watches 123movies with his Granddad for at least 7 hours a week

Sattinder Majithia owns one of the very few pet supplies store in Amritsar, Punjab, who firmly believes that a pet’s shampoo must always cost more than that of his owner. He claims on his blog that his personal shampoo has always cost lesser than that of any of his dogs. Nobody is willing to believe it, including his friends and relatives, perhaps because the dogs are generally not treated as good in India as they are in other parts of the world.

Sattinder used to have a  very large pet clothing section in his store earlier, which always cost him losses. He doesn’t carry clothes for pets anymore, due to that very reason.

Sattinder claims that he has always loved his grandfather more than any other family member. He still spends at least 7-8 hours with him in a week, when both the grandfather and the grandson watch their favorite 123movies on the internet together. The old man used to be a wrestler and a horse-breeder in his younger days.

Sattinder recently made a post on his blog that he and his wife together are about to inaugurate a resort and spa for the dogs, he adds that he used to believe that the pets hated such spas, but his wife’s opinions have really made him change his mind regarding the same.

Sattinder’s wife is a Podiatrist, who practiced in Dallas, Texas, USA, for 4 years. She claims that the sort of feet problems an average American scientist has are unbelievable. She claims that she would love to go back to the USA and do something about it. She adds that she has been waiting for the right time to do it.

GP from Surakarta would rather spend her Spare Time looking for Online Business Opportunities than Socializing

Dr Alya Shara is a General Practitioner from Surakarta, Indonesia, who repeatedly claims on her blog that the humankind has caught several diseases in almost all of 1980s and early 1990s, which nobody including the doctors are familiar with yet but soon they all will be revealed. Dr Alya added that she herself is not aware of what those diseases are, but some voice, most likely that of an angel whispered this in her ear while she was in the position of sleep paralysis.

Dr Alya claims on her blog that living around unhygienic people is as dangerous as indulging in bad habits, if not more. That’s the reason why Dr Alya added that instead of socializing, she spends her spare time looking for business opportunities (Peluang Usaha) online.

Dr Alya’s husband is a Chropractor who claims that car mechanics are the most prone to getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

Dr Alya is a pantheist who believes that sexual pollution is as dangerous as the air pollution. She has been actively campaigning against the increasing vulgarity that has been going-on in the nation of Indonesia, lately.

Dr Alya Shara has been spending a lot of time in finding the benefits and side-effects of regular ginseng consumption. She claims that it seems to have more benefits than she used to believe before she started her research and also lesser side-effects as well.

Dr Alya Shara writes on her blog that a good doctor is the one who pays his/her complete attention to the patient regardless of how minor the disease is, no matter how experienced they are in the field.

Toy store owner from Valencia is giving the competitors nightmares with excellent SEO and SMM

Ricardo Fenero owns a toy store in the popular and beautiful coastal city of Spain – Valencia. Ricardo’s toy store is infamous for selling prams for kids.

Ricardo is notorious for making loud statements and controversial posts on his blog that has become extremely popular due to the excellent SEO and SMM that he got done for it. Ricardo claims on his blog that many nearby toy stores have attempted till date to copy the style of his store but they all failed.

Ricardo’s wife is a ballet dancer and Ricardo is extremely proud of it. He regularly posts the picture of his wife performing ballet dance on his blog.

Ricardo recently posted a video on his blog where his store’s main competitors are discussing in a park about how Ricardo’s store is able to sell better quality toys at a cheaper price than theirs.

The best thing that myself and other adults love about Ricardo’s toy store is that they regularly keep adding rare and vintage toys to their catalog.

Ricardo claims on his blog that his store never sold a damaged product.

Ricardo has a special section for the children of farmers, which the children of farmers rarely buy but the children of non-farmers love. Perhaps, adult farmers buy those toys more than their children themselves, which Ricardo believes is a pity. Ricardo mentioned on his blog that looking at this pattern, he has started to believe that farming is one of the most boring profession to the children.

Ricardo brags time and again about how smoking is not even allowed at the gate of his toy store.

Ricardo also likes to brag about how all the salesmen and saleswomen at his store speak fluent English and Spanish.

Andong Allergist drives a Lambo to the clinic in real life and in the video games as well

Dr Oh-seong Lim is an Allergist from Andong, South Korea, who received a lot of criticism from the sex-positive feminists from all across the globe, when he claimed on his blog that both the male and female celibates are very less likely to getting different allergies, especially eczema when compared to their married counterparts.

Dr Oh-seong Lim drives a Lamborghini to his clinic everyday. He claims on his blog that although he lives to drive and is a proud owner of a Lamborghini, he doesn’t hesitate to take a bus to the clinic or elsewhere when required. He also likes driving games and is a VIP contributor to one of the Korean online game community (우아미넷) as well.

Although Dr Oh-seong Lim is not a fan or believer of the alternative medicines or home remedies, he has mentioned more than once on his blog that the dry ice is a very underrated home-based remedy when it comes to combating skin allergies.

Dr Oh-seong Lim again received a lot of negative comments on his blog, mainly by the prudish people when he stated “Surprisingly enough, those who party a lot, are least likely to get a skin disorder when compared to those who don’t. At least twice as much people get skin allergies at a library than they do at a nightclub.”

Dr Oh-seong Lim has mentioned more than a couple of times on his blog that it is so funny that the most racist people behave so good in front of a physician. Dr Oh-seong Lim claims that he knows a racist when he sees one and he sees that the racists try their best to forget all about their racial superiority in front of a physician.

Ayurvedic products seller from India is making heaps of money selling his products using Facebook Live

An Ayurvedic doctor named Dr. Ayushman Garg developed a medicine for curing a disease whose cure was never invented by the medical science. The doctor was very excited and would do anything to make it popular. He had no idea that it isn’t so easy. He just created a Youtube video and thought everyone interested would get to know about the medicine ultimately. Was he wrong? His video received only 50 views in 5 months and he didn’t know what to do next.

He would do anything to get the word out about his medicine. He hired a full-time online marketer who would pretend like he has been working very hard but didn’t do anything. The doctor had no idea about the internet marketing and his marketing employee would take advantage of the same all the time. After 3 months, Dr. Garg threw the employee out as he always had a doubt that the marketer has been fooling him.

One day while searching the internet, Dr. Garg came across a website that had a listing to buy Facebook live viewers, Dr. Garg had no idea how would it help him, but his gut feeling was that this company can help him make his product popular. He ordered immediately and then started using Facebook live for the very first time and here is, one of the biggest Ayurvedic products seller across the world. His Facebook live is perhaps the most popular among all the Ayurvedic product sellers across the globe.

Doctor Garg is now a household name in the world and many of his videos have crossed one million mark. He now owns a mansion on the hills of Himachal Pradesh and a big house in the centre of New Delhi city. Before his product went viral, he used to live in a rented apartment in the Eastern part of Delhi, which is much cheaper compared to the other parts of the city.

Super-passionate stationery store owner from Milan was the first to use WiFi amplifier in the biz

Joseph Ferraro owns a stationery store in Milan, which is extremely popular with the engineering students at Politecnico di Milano. Joseph is a chemical engineering dropout himself and he never regrets dropping out from the college. He says that if he didn’t drop out from the college due to financial and family issues (he lost both his father and mother and wasn’t willing to take a loan for his education), he wouldn’t have ever been involved in the stationery business which he loves more than anything else. Joseph loves his business so much that he once had an offer to collaborate with a larger store which would have fetched him far greater profits with much less work but he refused the offer because that would have him become more like a corporate and take away much of his passion for the business.

Joseph believes that a stationery store owner must possess wonderful communication skills and also must have a great memory. Joseph says that he is blessed with the both and he thanks god each day for the same because otherwise both his business and personal life would have been completely hellish. Joseph sees himself nowhere in life if it weren’t for his amazing communication skills and memory.

Joseph established his stationery store in the financial year 2003 and he has never looked back ever since. Joseph’s stationery store is mostly the first to innovate in the city. It was Joseph’s store that got a WiFi amplifier (Amplificatore Wifi) first and it was also Joseph’s stationery store to start selling online exclusively on its own website first in the city of Milan.

Joseph claims to have the best online payment system in the entire stationery industry in Italy and he is yet to have been challenged by a rival in this regard.

Surabaya Neurosurgeon has been watching movies online since he turned vegan

Dr Frederick Hooda is a Neurosurgeon from Surabaya, Indonesia, who never gets tired of repeating on his blog about how much he sacrificed to complete his medical education and how many other things he could do meanwhile.

Dr Frederick claims to have been studying why the nation of Hungary has been able to produce the best mathematicians in the world for past few decades. Dr Frederick claims that he is obsessed with knowing what kind of activity goes into the brains of these Hungarian mathematicians. Dr Frederick says that the roots of his obsession with the same lies in the fact that he was very weak in the mathematics in the school and that’s the foremost reason why he decided to become a doctor instead of an engineer against his parents’ wish. Dr Frederick comes from a very humble family and they couldn’t afford to send Frederick to a medical college but Frederick earned a scholarship for the same and he has been bragging about it on his blog for years now.

Dr Frederick claims to have studied the brains of several cannibal tribes in different parts of the African continent and he says that their frontal lobe activity is far lesser than any other group of people that he ever studied. Dr Frederick has shown the desire to study the brain of the most popular modern German cannibal – Armin Meiwes, several times on his blog but he is yet to get a chance to and he doubts that he ever will.

Dr Frederick loves to experiment with different diets and for the past 3 months, he has been on a vegan diet. Dr Frederick writes on his blog that turning completely vegan has turned him into an insomniac who would watch movies online (Nonton Film Bioskop) for hours before finally falling asleep.